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              "রিসিড়া ডাইনে বাহে বামে সুখচর
              পশ্চিমে হরিষে রাজা বাহে কোন্নগর"।।
The origin of Rishra situated on the right bank of the River Hugli dates back to
the pre-colonial era. It is situated in the District of Hoogli in West Bengal.
This town lying on the co-ordinates of 22.710 N latitude, 88.350 E longitude,
is a few decades old region.
          The reference of Rishra was first seen to have occurred in
Bipradas Piplai’s “Manasamangal Kavya”, written in the fifteenth century.
At the time of giving description of the movement of Chand Saudagar along
the River Bhagirathi in a barge for business he narrated:

The above text of Manasamangal provides a different spelling of the name of
the town. There has been further and marked evolution in the said spelling
down the era as Reshra, Risshra, Isharah, Ichera, Icchra, etc. In Jadavpur
University a research work was conducted in respect of the names of villages
in our country. It was noticed that there are several villages in our country
in a single name. But the name of Rishra has been found to be unique during
such research exercise. In the book written on traveling description by a French
traveler Vernia, the name of the Rishra village was noticed which was situated
eight miles away from Kolkata. During the Sen Dynasty, it is told that there were
hermitages of the saints (Rishi) on the bank of the river Bhagirathi. It is
presumed that the name “Rishra” might have been derived from the word Saint or
Rishi with whom it is believed to have been associated over a pretty long time in
the past.

During the Mughal period, the village Rishra and its suburbs were thickly
populated. The hot and humid climate of the area was congenial to the textile
industry. The land was thus famous for textile and silk weaving. The Hindu
weavers here used to manufacture fine cotton pieces, while Muslim weavers
monopolized in silk manufacture. In the fertile land in and around the area,
paddy, jute and betel-leaf were grown in abundance. The Kaibartas utilized
the marshy land for fishing.
      During the last phase of the industrialization under the Danish rule, the
entire civic administration was completely disrupted. After taking over the
possession of the town of Serampore, the British Company began to look after
its civic amenities. The earlier “village committee” was transformed into
Serampore Municipality. Rishra and Konnanagar were included.
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